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The latest (and probably final) version to be produced is SQL-Retriever 4.18. It is available on Vision2K v2.1 (SCO labelled) CD, but was dropped from the Vision2K v2.1 (Tarantella labelled) CDs. The date on SQL-R 4.18 release notes is June 2000.

There appears to be conflicting evidence on whether SQL-R 4.18 (PC) will work on WinXP: reports on the newsgroup suggest it is possible to install SQL-R 4.18 (pc) on WinXP. Evidence seems to suggest that SQL-R 4.18 (pc) works with Win2K.

There are three flavours of 32-bit SQL-Retriever (this is largely reflected in the PC side and the whole product at the same time as the host/UNIX module is the same for all three flavours of the PC side - with some slight configuration differences depending on the PC side):

There was a 16-bit version of SQL-Retriever (PC) a long time ago, but it went out with the ark.

For details of available ports for the UNIX module (a port for a given UNIX and a given database), see ports.shtml


SQL-Retriever: ODBC driver
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