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FAQ: run time error '31037'

This error was seen running SQL-Retriever 4/Gold (32-bit) as: "Visual Basic: run time error '31037' Error loading from file". SQL-Retriever ran fine (e.g. via a C++ application), but SQL-Gold would not even load, let alone open a connection. It is possible that error 31037 shows an error opening an OCX file.

Cause: This problem occurs when a user has a 16 bit version of any of the Gold OCXs already installed and registered on the machine (ie THREED16.OCX, GRID16.OCX, COMDLG16.OCX COMCTL32.OCX). Because 16bit and 32bit OCX share the same CLSID the 32bit OCXs do not self-register when they are loaded (presumably because it finds that the CLSID is already registered).

Solution: The solution (for an existing installation) is to run REGSVR32 on the four OCXs, thus registering them correctly. An addition to the setup program will be made that registers these OCXs at installation time. The patch will propogate to subsequent shipping media after SQL-R 4.01


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