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FAQ: Unsupported or unknown Informix version

This error message will appear when using SQL-Retriever ODBC in a defined number of circumstances. Two files are relevant: infsqld.conf (usually in /usr/local/vision/etc) and the *-cr file (SE-cr for Standard Engine and OnLine-cr for OnLine. They are in INFORMIXHOME/etc).

The causes are:

  1. INFORMIXDIR (or possibly SQLEXEC if relevant) variable is not set or not set correctly.
  2. The machine is out of memory to store the return string/variable.
  3. The file infsqld.conf does not exist or cannot be accessed
  4. The file SE-cr or OnLine-cr (in INFORMIXHOME/etc) is not of the required format
  5. The major and minor Informix version numbers in the *-cr file are incompatible.



SQL-Retriever: ODBC driver
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