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FAQ: Database not found or no system permission

This error is most prevalent with Informix SE. The error may also mean what is says. There are several reasons & solutions for this error message:

  1. It is possible SQL-Retriever has not been configured correctly to locate the database. Check infsqld.conf for the correct variables. In the case of Informix SE, it may help to add DBPATH= into infsqld.conf pointing to the directory where the database is.
  2. It is possible that in fact the user may not have permission for the Informix database and the error message means what it says
  3. The ODBC datasource setup (Windows/Control Panel/ODBC) may not be correct (e.g. using .dbs when it's not necessary in the cae of Informix)

One way of finding the correct value of the relevant variables is to run dbaccess or isql making sure you can access the database you want, exit back to the UNIX shell prompt and use the 'env' or 'set' command to view all the environment variables and pick the relevant ones.


SQL-Retriever: ODBC driver
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