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FAQ: Error 1114

Problem: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 1114 (Vision ODBC)

Description: This error appears with SQL-R 4.16 when trying to make a connection with SQL-Retriever from e.g. SQL-Gold or MSAccess. Note that even though it is not possible to make a connection as a result, it is possible to add a datasource from Control Panel/ODBC, which does not tend to be the case in similar incarnations of this type of error. This error does not occur in every installation of SQL-Retriever: it appears to happen only under certain configurations of hardware and software, currently unspecified.

Cause: The function AllocThreadStorage within odbcwep.c was not returning a value. As a consequence the return value for this function was deemed from a previous call. This meant the value could have been returned as false at certain times on given setups. The function now returns true.

Solution: A new VWODBC32.DLL has been provided. Release build for both the SQL-Retriever lite and full SQL-Retriever dlls is 4.16.902 dated 24 April 1998 and will propogate to later versions of SQL-Retriever.


SQL-Retriever: ODBC driver
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