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FAQ: System error code 1157

When trying to add or modify a datasource in SQL-Retriever ODBC setup in the Windows Control Panel the following error is generated: "The setup routines for the Vision ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system error code 1157". Then, after clicking [OK]: "Drivers ConfigDSN, ConfigDriver or ConfigTranslator failed. Could not load the setup or translator library"

Cause: This is due to the Vision directory not being in the Windows PATH

Solution: Ensure that the Windows PATH includes: c:\Program Files\Common Files\Vision or the relevant location

Notes: Please note that having the Novell Directory Services installed on the PC can also cause this error. In this case simply adding C:\Program Files\Common Files\Vision to the PATH does not solve the problem. Apparently there are slight differences in the Novell PATH and the DOS PATH statements. NDS is included in Intranetware, so if a customer has IntraNetware installed, they may see this problem. The Novell login script may alter the PATH.


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