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FAQ: I get a 'ctconnect' error when trying to connect to my Sybase database with SQL-Retriever ODBC

I have a Sybase 11 database and am using SQL-Retriever to connect to it. When I try to open a connection, the following error message appears in a dialog box on my PC screen: "[ODBC driver][Sybase]ctconnect(): network packet layer: internal net library error: could not find addressing dictionary"

Cause: The Sybase file, $SYBASE/interfaces, does not have the correct file permissions. All users must be able to read this file.

Solution: Make sure that everyone has read permissions for the $SYBASE/interfaces file. To allow all UNIX users read-access to this file, use the command:

chmod +r $SYBASE/interfaces

Consult your Sybase documentation for more information about the use of this file.


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