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FAQ: Error 'Cannot open transaction log file #224' is received under SQL-Retriever

When opening a connection to an Informix database, I see this error message:

Cannot open transaction log file #224

Cause: This is an Informix error message. The database server is unable to open the file where transaction log entries are made. It isn't possible to start any transactions until this is corrected. (In an ANSI compliant database, nothing can be done; in other databases, only queries can be done.). When using INFORMIX-OnLine, report this problem to the OnLine Administrator. With other database servers, check the accompanying ISAM error code and look for operating system error messages that may give more information. The path to the log file is specified with a START DATABASE statement. If the file has been deleted, re-create it as an empty file. If the path has changed, issue a new START DATABASE statement to redefine it.

Solution: To determine the location of a logfile on a particular database, run this query:

select * from systables where tabname = 'syslog'

From the query results, you will be able to determine whether the file is writable by all valid users, or the file is in a known location; is it:

  1. in the database.dbs directory;
  2. in a particular user's home directory;
  3. in a fully specified path; for example, filename = /usr/informix/live/db.log;
  4. somewhere else.

If the file is not fully specified or writable, then it must be made so. To do this, rename it in a location that can be writable by all and specify the full path.

Note: See Informix documentation for additional information on the above Informix error message. This error is usually seen with Informix SE only, as Informix OnLine takes care of its transaction log internally.


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