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FAQ: Does SQL-Retriever work with Active Server Pages (ASP)?

Only SQL-Retriever 4 Lite allows this connection. This is because the Lite version of SQL-Retriever does not require Vision Services. Unless the user using ASP is actually logged into the NT machine (and since ASP sits on top of IIS, the user will probably not be logged directly into the NT machine, but rather accessing it via a Web browser), Vision Services will not be started. Thus, SQL-Retriever (non-Lite) cannot make the connection.


  1. Internet Information Server (IIS) is the Microsoft World Wide Web server for NT. Active Server Pages (ASP) is additional software for IIS which provides a mechanism (ActiveX Data Objects) for embedding database content in HTML pages as well as other functionality.
  2. In conjunction with the IIS WWW server, ASP allows embedding of ODBC connectivity from HTML material and therefore provides an alternative to JDBC. However, Java (JDBC) provides much greater security than ODBC (which provides none) and ASP may not compensate for the loss of security between JDBC and ODBC. Ordinarily, SQL-Retriever would need to use JDBC and the SQL-Retriever RPC Reflector program to access a remote database via IIS WWW server. Windows NT 4 is the minimum requirement.



SQL-Retriever: ODBC driver
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