SQL-Retriever ODBC


FAQ: What are the options on the SQL-Retriever 4 executable?

A list of the options on the SQL-Retriever UNIX executable
Option Description
-v Show version information
-P Do not register the server with the RPC portmapper
-r Enable Security Manager
-f Run session startup SQL file. The file can contain any SQL statement apart from select statements.
-i Allow Security Manager to accept native database SQL that it does not recognize without treating it as a security violation. Applies only if -r is specified.
-n Don't useVision Services: register with portmapper only (not 32-bit; 16-bit and JDBC only)
-l specify port number to register on (relevant to JDBC driver for firewalls)
-p fd number for LNA



SQL-Retriever: ODBC driver
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