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FAQ: Will SQL-Retriever work with my C-ISAM database

Answer: SQL-Retriever does not work directly with C-ISAM files.

Solution: One solution is to configure an Informix Standard Engine to access the C-ISAM files, which it can do, and then configure SQL-Retriever to access the Informix Standard Engine thus accessing the C-ISAM files.

Note that the version of C-ISAM implemented in the Informix Standard Engine should match the C-ISAM version of the C-ISAM database. Also, Informix OnLine cannot access C-ISAM files in a similar way to Informix Standard Engine as described above.

Notes: C-ISAM stands for C (as in the programming language) Indexed Sequential Access Method. C-ISAM is a set of functions that can be used in C language programs to manipulate data. For further information on C-ISAM, consult relevant database documentation.

Informix Standard Engine datafile structure consists of .dat and .idx files which is consistent with C-ISAM structure.

For further information on configuring Informix Standard Engine to access C-ISAM structures, contact Informix.


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