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FAQ: Attempted ODBC connection returns 'File Open Error'

SQL statements can be run via isql or dbaccess on the remote machine but when attempting to connect to the database via SQL-Retriever you receive "File open Error #461". The finderr command on UNIX does not really help either: "-461 File open error.". All file and database permissions were correctly set and SQL-Retriever appeared to be installed correctly.


Customer was using Infromix On-line 7 but had managed to install SQL-Retriever for Informix On-line 5. Any application that is compiled for Informix 7 is incompatiable with Informix 5. Running the SQL-Retriever demon from the command line with the '-v' option showed that was SQL-Retriever installed for the wrong version of Informix.


Re-install the SQL-Retriever 4 host module for Informix 7.

Bear in mind that there may be other causes for this error apart from the above.


SQL-Retriever: ODBC driver
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