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SQL-Retriever started life at a UK company in Leeds called VisionWare (which arose out of a management buy-out of Systime). Originally the product had another title which might have infringed one of the big database player's copyright, so the name was changed. The inspiration for the Retriever name came (wait for it) from the fact that one of employees of the company had a Golden Retriever that was seen around the office. This same rationale holds good for one of the (former) icons in the product (a dog) and the title of the sample application (SQL-Gold).

SQL-Retriever started as a DDE driver, but adopted ODBC when it emerged as an ANSI standard. SQL-Retriever also has a JDBC interface.

About 1994, SQL-Retriever was one of VisionWare's three products (the other two being PC-Connect and XVision). All three products were Windows-Unix connectivity products. PC-Connect was a terminal emulator and later grew into TermVision. XVision was an X-terminal emulator. All three products were united into the Vision Family (first as "Vision 97" then as "Vision2K") and sat on top of Vision Services: a situation that never really worked for SQL-Retriever which as a result was too bulky when it previously had the smallest footprint of any of the products in the suite and any of the ODBC drivers on the market at the time.


List of SQL-Retriever versions
Vision version Vision version SQL-Retriever version
Vision97 1.2 4.15
  1.3 4.16
Vision2K 2.0 4.17
  2.1 4.18

As at August 2003, the latest (and probably final) version to be produced is SQL-Retriever 4.18. It is available on Vision2K v2.1 (SCO labeled) CD, but was dropped from the Vision2K v2.1 (Tarantella labeled) CDs.

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SQL-Retriever: ODBC driver
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